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The End of the Beginning....

Today marks the first website update in some time and a return to form for Ed and I. The past year has brought both of us lots of personal ups and downs and generally an inability to really pursue our visions. As Ozzy says though, "No more tears" We are back everyone!


Currently, Ed and I are working on a few things, but the biggest news is that our previous "pet" project and collaboration with Posh Dinosaur Studios "Shredders" is now available to view online for free. See the link on our website! "Shredders" was a proof of concept short that we developed with Michael James Dean. You'll notice its a creature feature with only a minimal amount of creatures at the moment. Michael has a great vision for a feature length version of this (with the "lookbook", model creature and stills to boot) so we are hoping exposing the short film to the world will let others know just how talented we think he is.

So grab your favourite Christmas jumper and check out an office party gone horribly wrong!

Dirty D20

Ed's newest project is a series of YouTube videos we are developing to showcase his immense talents as a D&D Dungeon Master. If you haven't tried a game of D&D (or it's been a while) we encourage you to check out the videos. For fellow filmmakers, lovers of fantasy or anyone really interested in storytelling, this is a horribly overlooked medium which allows you to act out your favourite adventures with a basic rule set to keep things interesting. It's also an amazing tool for writers and creatives to explore ideas. Stay tuned and keep slaying!

Prisoner 817

Ed's short (completed before his time at LVP) sits at the ready while we get the rest of the pieces of the puzzle shot and edited to bring you into his crazy world of North Korean spies, naive English teachers letting loose in a foreign land and governments desperately trying to keep the whole thing quiet!


We have gone back to the script on this one as sadly my life imitated art in this past year, giving me no chance to truly perfect things the way I wanted. Ed and have resurrected the latest draft and working hard to get this one ready to put into pre-production as soon as possible. I don't think I will ever get that night's peace to watch TV (but at least Ed gave me this cool hat the last time we were shooting)!

2020 looks to be a good year for La Victoria Productions and we thank all of you for the constant support we receive.

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