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LVP roots presents:

enanoski productions


for one half of la Victoria productions the filmmaking journey started in Korea.  ed formed part of a unique community in Seoul of ex-pat filmmakers that worked together to improve their craft in a one of a kind crossroads.

see where it all began - LVP roots proudly presents

Enanoski Productions

How The Heart Was Lost


"Seoul Shakespeare company tasked five daringly innovative teams to tackle the second FILM MAKERS CHALLENGE. With act I scene II of William Shakespeare's Richard III as  inspiration, we transported Shakespeare into a dusty western. We rewrote, reworked, and rein-visioned Shakespeare like never before. 


I had always found the Shakespearean tumult and war very compelling but I felt that it was hard to get people to watch Shakespeare. Maybe it was the school system forcing it upon people but I certainly didn’t get to enjoy Shakespeare until I was much older and even then it was through adaptations that I truly got to enjoy it through films like Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood. 


So when I was approached by the director of Seoul Shakespeare Company with the possibility of participating I jumped at the chance and my predilections for Westerns were at their peak at the time with my late discovery of the amazing Deadwood on HBO. I could not resist the idea of shooting a Western in the Far East. 


The hardest part was adapting the language but luckily I had lots of help from people who had experience with Shakespeare as well as some amazing Lakota speakers who helped to translate the opening monologue. I will be forever grateful to the actors for their stunning performances and for fulfilling a lifelong goal of shooting a Western."

Ed "Enano" Burgos - 5 November 2020




Directed by Edward Burgos

Cael Anton as Richard III

Tara Herman as Anne

A Cold Soul

A Cold Seoul.jpg

"A Cold Soul initially came from my desire to make a film that my mom would would enjoy. I had made Perfect, my first Sci-fi short, and though she said it was great she also said she didn’t really get it.

Mom had raised me on a diet of Agatha Christie and Murder She Wrote so my thoughts went to a detective mystery. After pumping out a script and teaming up with the main actor from Perfect, Sam Wright was born (a combination of Bogies Sam, and my favorite director Edgar Wright). Interestingly the title was originally going to be A Cold SEOUL, in reference to a contemporary filmmaker and friend Nick Neón who made Fear Eats the Seoul, but was eventually changed.

Though I imagined returning to the character one day to explain the mysterious Miao Yin, it is still one of my favourite memories from my early career as I got to screen it at a KFI (Korean Film Institute) cinema in Seoul."

Ed "Enano" Burgos - 13 November 2020

The film is dedicated to Edward's grandmother, Olive, who passed away while Ed was filming it.



The film that started it all...   Ed's first film and foray into the world of filmmaking.  A haunting and provocative tale that is also has depth as it explores what is lost in imitation and how that turns our protagonist hollow as well.

As a little Easter egg - Aurélien Lainé, one of the producers and SFX crew on this film continues to create amazing things.  Check out our interview with him discussing his latest creation, The Koryo Hall of Adventures, over in the Dirty20 video section.

Ed has this to say about the film:

"Perfect was my first serious go at getting a film off the ground. A good friend had written a short story which I really loved, in particular the first part of it. It very much appealed to my sci-fi heart and it also was the kind of high brown moral quandary that I enjoyed at the time. 


I got a writing team together, some of whom are lifelong friends as well as talented individuals, and a producer for the first time. We held auditions, call backs, and all the things I had been learning about. This was to be my debut as a filmmaker and I was not disappointed. 


We meet Paul seemingly in love with a beautiful girl whom he compares to his previous “partner”. We learn he is a young professional who attended a party his boss hosted. He is confronted by the reality of his relationship at this party and his subsequent actions may not suggest he has learned a thing.

Bad Girl


Enanoski Production's foray into music videos is one of their best efforts and definitely paved the way for LVP's work on the "Give Me a Reason" music video we did as one of our first collaborations.  A great indie music video showing just how much is possible with a collaborative crew and a great song to work with.

Ed has this to say about the film:

"Bad Girl was initially born out of my love for the band Kite Flying Robot. I had known Nikolas (the band's founder) for a while and was a massive fan of the music so when he suggested collaborating I jumped at the chance. 


Originally we had this idea for a sprawling sci-fi epic with this bounty hunter tracking down the main character, mostly as we were both massive Bladerunner fans, but eventually like, with all indie projects, we pared it down to what you see today. A beautiful assassin is sent to hunt the man she was once in love with and decides to not fulfill the contract but instead save his life, knowing that she will never be able to be with him. 


This music video was a real joy to work on and to this day I feel that stylistically it is my favorite of my films. The story is great, it looks great, and I still love the song after having heard it hundreds of times during the editing process. This is surely the highest praise one could have!"

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