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Christmas 2018

From the twisted minds of the award winning Michael James Dean and Darren Furniss, La Victoria is collaborating with Posh Dinosaur Productions to bring to you a little Christmas nostalgia and terror.  Follow Stan (Michael James Dean), Dick (Darren Ruston) and Peggy (Sophie Mensah) as they attempt to escape an office Christmas party gone horribly wrong.  Vicious little Shredders go after them in the shadows.  The only things worse than these little bastards are the Christmas jumpers!

During an annual Christmas office party, Office workers Stan, Peggy & Richard, three unlikely heroes, find themselves fighting for their lives when their building becomes overrun by a horde of sharped toothed Creatures hungry for human flesh


. . . But these Creatures just picked the wrong party to crash.

Armed with only office supplies, the trio must work together if they’re going to survive. Who said those team-building weekends wouldn’t come in handy?

Paying homage to 1980s creature features, SHREDDERS is a blend of action, horror and hilarious comedy dripping in neon and synth.

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