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From the Producer's Journal - 30 August 2020

Welcome to the first update on how La Victoria Productions' studio is doing in quite some time. We have a short film premiere with two other projects in production. We also have a bunch more projects in the pipeline and on the website just looking for that right group to help us take them off the ground.

Along with our short film projects currently in production we continue to bring you new Dirty 20 D&D YouTube video and What Are You Guys Talking About podcasts. Hear about some of our plans for both below.


The big news is that in less than an hour, our Covid-19 short will be playing one of the premiere horror events of the year at Frightfest: Digital Edition at 8:45. Dandelions started as a family project based on the One Minute Ghost Horror Story Online Film Festival put on by Hex Media and then expanded to a 5 minute festival circuit edition. We are so proud of everyone who worked on this film with us and support it has already received.

Cranberry Sauce

We have been busy behind the scenes on this comedy horror collaboration with Posh Dinosaur Productions. We were very pleased with the cast and crew we worked with on Shredders and are now in pre-production for Cranberry Sauce, another twisted Christmas tale from the Michael James Dean's dark sense of humour. Planned for shooting at the end of January we know this is one that is going to be finger licking good!

`You Reap What You Sow

We have just finished the initial scripting for 'You Reap What You' sow, one of the segments slated for inclusion in Hex Studio's "For We Are Many 2" feature film dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Our story is roughly based on "The Doom that Came to Sarnath" and shows that sometimes history has two different tellings buy only one survives.

LVP now has to break the script out and determine budget before moving this into pre-production. Watch this space as we will need your help to get this financed and to look as wild and crazy as envisioned in the script. We want to do justice to both Lovecraft and the deeper message on the treatment of indigenous peoples who are the focus of the story of the film.

Other Projects

The website now has the full list of our other projects in development. These are all have some form of script, treatment or business plan attached to them at the moment, but will have fully fleshed out scripts (pilots for the TV/web series), budgets and business plans in the not too distant future for each should you want to discuss with us. Please contact us if you want to discuss any of these projects in more detail.

Dirty 20

We are so thankful for the community that keeps us producing more and more videos to teach and discuss various elements of D&D learned directly from our own games and experiences. This year we had hoped to host some live events, but Covid-19 is putting a small delay on this. In the alternative we hope to bring you some recorded sessions of games we are getting ready to set up and D&D forum to help you ask more questions and set up your own games.

We also hope to have some news on tie-ups with various D&D march providers for our online shop which will be opening later in the year. We also hope to have some cool LVP and Dirty 20 T-shirts for you to order to help spread the word!

What Are You Guys Talking About!?

WATGTA is starting to hit its stride as we take our listeners on the indie filmmaker journey by talking about our own projects and analysing some of our favourite Indies and studio films which we think showcase techniques or principles other indie filmmakers should know. In the upcoming months we will be starting to interview some of our colleagues and collaborators in the indie filmmaking world with the hope to provide you with even more insight on what makes the indie filmmaking scene the best scene to be!

Also more MCU blog posts to come! Just finished Luke Cage and am loving the richness of the tapestry the Marvel is weaving.

We Want to Hear from You!

With everything going on, we shouldn't forget that we are always looking for new content and projects. Want something innovative and original for your next music video. Have a short film and finance but now looking either for on-set help or promotion? Have a feature you need a safe but innovative pair of hands? Ed and I are here for any and all as long as we like the concept, can see the path to completion and can fit it into our production schedule!

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