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From the Producer's Journal - 13.11.19

Another weekly update as things are finally moving into full swing here at LVP and I want to let you know some of the exciting stuff we are working on. As you can see from the below, we are very much back from the dead!

Dirty 20

Enano and I are putting the finishing touches on the intro and mission statement Dirty 20 videos that should be up by Monday. We hope that by sharing our passion for the storytelling that comes out of Dungeons & Dragons game play we will inspire old and new to pick up their favourite D20 and make their own adventures. Once we get the videos up it will up to all of you to comment, discuss and help us build our community. I have lots of surprises planned for those who jump down the rabbit hole with us, so grab your sword, crossbow, staff, or whatever and get ready to slay with us!

Did someone say podcast!?

Enano and I will be recording a series of podcasts to discuss the newest BBC / HBO production of "His Dark Materials". The literary series is one of my favourites and I am very intrigued to see how this plays out on the small screen. Your resident "Mouth" will be pontificating on what I thought of the TV version against the book and Enano will be there to make sure I mind my manners! Stay tuned as we hope to give you a 360 view of the story, visuals and characters from a filmmakers perspective (albeit with a little fan geekage thrown in for good measure).

Only returns!

So I drafted a new script for Only and showed to Enano for his initial comments, which involved a lot of comments about being freaked out and "WTF" and the like. We are now working on a second draft that spirals the crazy out the story with even more intensity and tightens the pacing. At the moment, our priority is to get an amazing script together before throwing this one into pre-production but I would definitely like to get this one wrapped by the summer if we can. I will keep you posted as we work through the stages, but it looks like Only may become the second self-produced LVP project. Very excited about this one and hope to bring you a terrifying moment on your own couch (or cinema seat) once it is ready!

...and that's what's hot at the moment at LVP. There is more in the works and new content will continue to be coming to website soon as we attempt to share our musings, visions, nightmares and whatever else we can get onto the screen to entertain you! Don't touch that dial as it only gets better from here.

Jason "Mouth" Cherot - 13 November 2019

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