the hearse

In Development


LVP's first television series concept - following the road trip of 19 year old Calvin Umbrae as he wonders from desert town to desert town in his used hearse, a gift to Calvin from his strange distant auntie.  


Calvin travels through the beauty and desolation of the American southwest where every town looks the same.   In each town he meets another teen wanting to join him on his road trip but have a problem they cannot escape.  Whether it's domestic abuse, drug addiction or issues with body image, Calvin ends up providing each a way of leaving their issues behind and joining him on the road. 

But why can't Calvin remember how he started on this journey and where is he heading?  Every person who joins him seems to reveal more of his hazy memory, but he is now not sure he wants to remember.


Together they are stronger anyways and will have to stick together once Calvin and the rest learn the truth of Calvin's journey and the connection that binds them all.